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CJH StarDusted Chief

Stallion  DOB: 7/20/11

ApHC # 673982  100% FPD

AApA # 2798 G/5

100% Color Producer

LP/LP, E/E, a/a, PATN1/PATN1


Standing at Stud until sold. See stallion page for more info and foals produced. He has been bred to draft and non-appaloosa mares to prove production. 

Started riding. Introduced to cattle and traffic. Dusty is super quiet and easy going.

CJH MarshmalloSundae

Mare   DOB: 3/24/13

Sire: EC Chief FourEagles (appaloosa)

Dam: Plaudit DreamCatcher (appaloosa)

ApHC # 677762  100% FPD

AApA # -2807   G/4

Genetics: LP/LP, E/E, a/a, PATN1/N


Lightly started under saddle. This girl is growing and taking a while to physically mature.

Wonderful in your pocket mare with a willing personality. She is gorgeous, long and flowing in everything she does. Marsha is very quiet and smart as they come! She loves to be with people and be pampered.

Leonardo Ninja Pony

Gelding   DOB: 5/1/15

Sire: EC Chief FourEagles (Appaloosa)

Dam: Frog (Morab/Spotted Draft)

Solid start under saddle. Ninja is a quiet willing guy with a lot to offer. He has cow sense by nature and is very easy to teach.



Gelding   DOB:4/2016

Super sweet and quiet class A mini.



Gelding   DOB: 8/2016

Super sweet and quiet class A mini.


The Rundown

Here are the horses currently offered for sale at CJH Ranch. Payment plans (6 months) are accepted with a down payment of 50% total sale price.

Every horse listed for sale is being offered as physically, emotionally, and mentally sound. If offered as a breeding stallion, a fertility check has been included in sale price.

All horses are trained to lead, load in a stock trailer, stand tied, cross water, pick up feet, be well mannered and quiet. The offspring out of these stallions mature into big animals. To ensure healthy development of bones, joints, and growth plates we do not start riding until 2 1/2 years old. The physical maturity is not suited for heavy weight bearing any earlier. Please keep in mind these equines are well known for longevity.

To make the training easier for both horse and rider, we teach all of our young stock to ground drive before they are ridden. This allows the horse to learn steering and stopping cues from direct rein pressure as well as voice commands without having to concentrate on balancing a rider's weight. Once the horse has mastered the directional pressure, they are taught to pull light loads (of anything really) around the farm. This teaches all of the wonderful things they need to know about having responsibilities and a job.

This is when they are ready for their first ride. I start all the young horses here riding in a simple rope halter. This gives them a chance to balance a rider without any tension on a bit. I have found it works much faster this way.

We believe in gentle horses. This takes a gentle touch. Our horses are worked with finger tip sensitivity. It doesn't take pulling, tugging, yanking, and pushing. Just tell them what you desire and they are more than willing to accommodate. A simple touch is all the direction they need.

We do not teach our horses to lunge, due to the massive misuse by uneducated horse owners/handlers/trainers we have encountered over the years. Our horses are trained to be ready for the next step at all times. This could be as simple as standing still for a few minutes or as complex as competing in our next rodeo challenge. Either way horses on this farm learn very quickly to just go with the flow. This creates a well rounded horse who is willing to try anything.

Our horses of all ages are exposed to everything! If it could happen in the future, we want them to see it now. There is always something new around the corner. Kids, dogs, cats, tractors, trucks, bikes, cows, chickens, tarps, lights, fireworks! Yes, fireworks! The best way to see what you need to work on is to put on a firework display for your friends and horses.

If you have any questions about training techniques, medical information, breeding programs, or any of the horses an this website please feel free to contact me any time. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You!!