Carrie Jean's Horse Ranch

A good horse is never a bad color ... with us you get both!

Introducing the ladies of CJH Ranch! Contrary to popular beliefs, mares are an 80% contribution to your breeding program. The mare provides not only 50% of her foals' genetics, but 4-6 months of communication and early training to her foals. Our mares are chosen very carefully and are held to the highest expectations of all!

Chilly is bred to EC Chief FourEagles to produce phenomenal athletes with a 'go get em' disposition. These offspring just float across the ground. Smooth gaits, smart, willing, and a presence you will never forget!

Foal History

CJH Stari Wonder - 2010 Filly

CJH StarDusted Chief - 2011 Colt

CJH Shamrockin Star - 2013 Filly

**DUE April 2017**

Chloe is bred to EC Chief FourEagles to create works of art in equine form! Her foals have the same compassion she does. They are friendly and sweet natured all the time. These babies do get big! Her fillies so far are looking to mature around 16HH. They are long legged and deep chested with great proportional muscling, making a wonderfully balanced package!

Foal History

CJH MarshmaloSundae - 2013 Filly

CJH IceStormPrincess - 2014 Filly

CJH Chief Donatello - 2015 Colt

**DUE May 2017**

Daisy is bred to EC Chief FourEagles or CJH StarDusted Chief to combine the perfect balance of size and athleticism into a single performance machine! Chief has sired all colts out of Daisy so far and they have been the hardest working beauties I have seen in a long time. She will now be bred to Dusty to maintain the highest level of quality and guarantee appaloosa color!

Foal History

Aborted Twins - 2009 colt & filly

Daisy's Chief Dane - 2010 Colt

Daisy's Lackee Spots - 2011 Colt

Daisy's BananaCreamPie - 2013 Colt

Aborted Twins - 2016 unknown

**Due May 2018**

Dedicated to the wonderful mares that have been a part of this great herd. You left hoof prints on our hearts that will last forever!

CCA Shawnee Star   *Chilly*

ApHC # 634503   100% FPD

AApA # 2516

DOB: 1/15/2005  South Dakota

-Purchased from Counting Coup Appaloosas (SD)

Chilly is a wonderful girl! She is always in a good to see state of mind. Her gaits are smooth, flowing, and cover incredible distances. This confident mare passes her personality on to her foals. They are all just as willing and driven as she is. She is truly irreplaceable!

Plaudit DreamCatcher    *Chloe*

ApHC # 600309   83% FPD

AApA # 2758  F-3

DOB: 6/10/1998  Mississippi

-Purchased from Sunset Hill Appaloosas  (MO)

Chloe is one lovely lady! She displays elegance and class in everything she does. She has great extension in her movements that she passes to her foals. Everything about this girl is beauty! Super sweet disposition with a huge kind heart. Couldn't ask for a better mare to raise some great foals! 

*Daisy May*

Friesian / Percheron

DOB: 5/2004  17HH

Daisy is the reason heavy horses are called 'gentle giants'. She is always calm and easy to handle. Her great personality and practically perfect conformation makes this mare a gift in disguise! Her foals have all had her size and loving disposition. Daisy is so trust worthy she is used by small children on the ground, riding, and driving. She is also considered the best coach to our young stock just learning the ropes of road. After a few trips, they are just as relaxed as can be!


Quarter Horse


DOB: 5/1997   ~14.2HH

Ribbon is a true prize! She has been always been a rock in the herd. This mare provides leadership and direction to all the young stock in the pasture. Her calm, laid back personality is a quality she continues to pass to to all of her foals.

With a heavy heart we say fairwell to my Raidient Ribbon. She will run the green fields of summer pastures forever!

Ribbon is bred to EC Chief FourEagles or CJH StarDusted Chief for some super performance or trail mounts. The foals out of this mare are thick and well muscled with enough leg to be wonderful competitors in many different disciplines. From barrels to trails to wagon trains these guys are solid and very level headed. They all have inherited her calm and loving personality.

Foal History

Cadillac - palomino colt

Lamborghini - chestnut colt

Truck Loada Spots - 2012 Colt

Chocolate Truffle - 2013 Filly

Miwa More Spots - 2015 Filly

Equally Spotted

ApHC # 585052

AApA # 2397

DOB: 6/28/1999  South Dakota

-Purchased from Counting Coup Appaloosas  (SD)

 Foal History

Spots was a wonderful mare. We are saddened that we have no foals to show out of this modern bred beauty. May she forever rest in peace.


POA   ~14HH

DOB: 5/1990

Foal History

This mare was just a dream to have around. She would ride for anybody, babysit young stock, and just chill with family all day. She produced an amazing one of a kind leopard filly (Misty).

Here's to a great lil lady! Rest in peace Miss Bubbles!